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Dick the Clown just cruising with his homies.

His name is Dick the Clown. He is the super gay younger brother of Ronald McDonald the Penis Clown. He is quite the adventurous one, as well as a great story teller.


Dick the Clown and Ronald McDonald (better known as the Penis Clown) are the sons of infamous serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, who is also the father of Michael Jackson, who is the only son who regrets being a clown. Around the time Dick was 3, however, their mom had gained custody of Penis Clown, however, Dick was still stuck with their psychotic, pedophiliac father. One day, they went on a plane trip over South America. On the plane, Dick was about to get both raped and killed by his father, but luckily, Dick jumped out before this could happen. He landed in Peru, where he was raised by a bunch of homosexual natives, both gays and lesbians. The gay men taught Dick how to be the sexy faggot he would become some day, but they neither fucked or groped him. They were gay, but not pedophiles. Eventually, the natives had told Dick the Clown that he was adopted by them, and that in reality, he is a white American clown. They also told him how he was the younger brother of Ronald McDonald the Penis Clown. Dick was shocked about this, as he never would have guess that he was related to a celebrity. Dick later left the tribe, and eventually, the tribe had went extinct do to the lack of babies. While on the trail of his older brother, Dick the Clown had a bit of an adventure himself. He eventually ended up on broadway, in which he began his awesome stand-up comedy routine. One hilarious joke he told was about how he licked a guys penis so hard, that he ended ripping off the foreskin. Get it? Foreskin? It's like ripping off skin, but this time it's foreskin. Dick the Clown later visited the petting zoo, where he fucked all of the animals, because it was legal in that area. However, he did do some illegal activities, when some young boys came by him, and he took them into and empty shed to take pictures of them naked. To this day, the FBI has no clue that this has ever happened, even though it appeared in newspapers, tabloid, etc. Also, Dick the Clown was surprisingly never arrested for this. Dick the Clown later made a guest appearance on that reality television show, Drawn Together. It was never shown on Comedy Central and will never be on any DVD boxsets, because it was the only good episode ever made. In the episode, Dick fucked Wooldoor, Captain Hero, Ling-ling and especially Xander. Pretty much the only male character he didn't fuck was Spanky, as Dick doesn't much care for pigs. In the end, however, Dick the Clown got tired of holdups, and eventually just went to his long-lost older brother. They then had hot sticky incest, which they also recorded and put on the popular video site, YouTube. However, they deleted it, and now the video is gone forever. Since then, Dick the Clown has helped out people like Drew Pickles when he needed all of his gay tricks, in order to win in the fuck fest against Fagat. He also was kicked out of a mall for exposing his Dick. Basically, he's the gay clown version of Rodney Dangerfield: he gets no respect.


Dick the Clown, like Drew Pickles, has been in many pornos. Here are some examples:

  • Dick and Penis Clown: Incest Fever
  • Drew and Dick 69
  • Dickopolis
  • Dick the Clown in The Mushroom Capped Murderer.
  • Dick Licks 2000
  • Saving Dick the Clown's Penis
  • Drew Pickles and the Goatse Gang

Job at McDonalds[edit]

Currently, Dick the Clown works at McDonalds, where he creates tasty milkshakes out of his own cums. They are quite delicious, food critics say.

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