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THE DILLEY! And it's oringins[edit]

File:Retard.JPG Dilley is a rare and endangered fat person that lives somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains. The Dilley was forced into exile, by his own people that lived deep in the grass plains of Africa, the chachichachiwakkawikka tribe. The reason for his exile is unknown and mysterious, some scientists believe that he was chased away from his tribe for being possessed by a Demon of some sort. However resent scientists have come to a more logical theory, that he was simply to fat. The chachichachiwakkawikka Tribe was said to have been fed up with having to feed the incredibly fat man for so long so they lured the Dilley away with a large pancake, and the stupid fat person that Dilley was followed the pancake until the chachichachiwakkawikka Tribe members managed to evade the Dilley, only 3 survived.

Connections with the Dilley[edit]

The Dilley has been a legend amoungst the chachichachiwakkawikka peoples for so long that, tales of the creature had given birth to other myths when Europeans first conquered visited Africa. These European, Drunken explorer's, Found the legend of the Dilley Fascinating. The most Famous European explorer's, to make contact with the chachichachiwakkawikka tribe was Chuck Norris, he began to slowly spread the mythical Dilley with his peer's, They slowly spread the tales. By the Time the explorer's had returned to there wives, and goats, the stories had been blown completely out of proportion, and soon tales such as Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, Abominable Snowman, George Foreman and Marilyn Manson had been created. Scientists have also seen links between heart disease and the Dilley, Scientists believe that the Dilley may have hidden properties within the blood, and advise anyone that goes near the Dilley in it's hole in the earth, to run away and jump from a tall, tall building or go on a diet to reduce the chances of heart disease, But go ahead the choice is yours. The CIA have also linked the Dilley with The September 11th Bombings, The CIA have video evidence of the Dilley Purchasing WMD's from Al-Qida Terrorists. Further evidence was gathered from the bomb scene's, Fat hair, this type of hair can only be found from the rare creature. The hair molecular make up consists of 90% fat, and 1% coke, 4% browns mocha chill, and 5% chocolate. The only thing that baffles Scientists about the Dilley leaving the hole, is that the hole in which the Dilley lives is under 15 hour video surveillance.

This is the only known picture of the hole that the Dilley lives in, imagine the living conditions

Diet of the Dilley[edit]

Knowledge surrounding the Diet of the Dilley is weak at best. Although through, rummaging around the Dilleys garbage, we have managed to find some clues as to what the Dilley eats. The most food that was found was discarded coke bottles, Cartons of Browns Mocha Chill, Microwavable foods and Frozen goods. Through looking at this small food group, scientists have wondered why the Dilley has not died from Malnutrition. A theory that has a lot of weight behind it is that the Fat stores on the Dilleys body are so vast that his body, rather than using the small amount of energy that come in from the food it eats, it simply sucks away at the fat reserves. A pie chart was constructed to show the Dilleys intake of food, however the scientists say that there was a mistake...well you make up your own mind.

A pie chart made to measure the Dilleys food intak...what the f**k?!.

Crapping on about the Dilley[edit]

The Dilley, as being so dam fat, has now been taken to the UN and has now been established as a country. The total mass of the new country "Dilley" is 5km squared. and is getting bigger with each passing day. If you have loved ones you care about, please sent money to the "kill Dilley appeal" as he is getting to large for this planet, and if nothing is done he will consume the planet. Or if you are a stingy f**k then sign this partition saying you want the Dilley dead. If you are just dumb f**k lazy then do ahead do nothing.

People the Dilley has consumed as he is ever expanding[edit]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Dilleys 4 brides, from which he will hatch an alien army of fat people to eat the world.
  • President JFK was not killed by Harvey Lee Oswald, but in fact was mauled to death by a bear on a camping trip.
  • Dilley is not the Incredible Hulk
  • Dilley IS NOT Lyndon
  • I AM not Lyndon
  • Dilley did attack a male flight attendant once, because the attendant would serve Dilley his Mchappy meal
  • The male Flight attendant did serve Dilley his Mchappy meal
  • Dilley is a super spider queen raising an army for the evil empi...i mean Google.
  • Dilley is not Gothic, just really fat.
  • Dilley is not fat, just Gothic.

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