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The Disc (that really big thing held up by a turtle and four elephants)
"The Land of Disco"
Official Coat of Ankh-Morpork
Coat of Arms
Motto: "You Should Be Dancing"
Anthem: "Le Freak"
Capital Ankh-Morpork
Previous capital Tsort
Largest city Ankh-Morpork
Official language(s) Morporkian, Djelian, Agatean, Latatean, Llamadese, Gnomish, Dwarfish
Government Tyranny
Patrician Lord Haverlock Vetinari
‑ Pharaoh Teppic
‑ Other King Verence of Lancre
‑ King of Gods Blind Io
National Hero(es) Captain Carrot
Established 1983
Currency Ankh-Morpork Dollar
Area Radius is 5,000 miles, Area for a circle is Pi*r*r. You work it out. Remember to correct for mountains.
Population density Trolls tend to be quite dense. However, this is speciesm and I really did not just say that. So let's just leave it at that, okay?
Ethnic groups Dwarf: 29%; Troll:15%; Golem: 2.3%; Gargoyle: 2.3%; Wizard: 29.7%; Witch: 0.1%; Human: 0.7%; Undead (All species): 20%; God: 2.768939%; Other: Nobby Nobbs
National animal That dog in the window

Discworld is a planet that was discovered near the star G-890 by the space probe Potent Voyager in 1974. It has been the subject of a series of non-fiction exposes by anthropologist Terry Pratchett.

Discworld (world)[edit]

Discworld has been the subject of much controversy, particularly because of its obsession with a style of music that most people hate. Zecariah Endrikat, a scientist and spokesperson for NASA, has been quoted as saying, "The Discworld is an impossibility. It contradicts the laws of physics, biology, and Argentina (which forbid turtles larger than 12 metres in diameter). It cannot exist. It should not exist. And, when the government approves our funding for the development of a long range nuclear missile, it will not exist either".

However, some scientists, including biologist Fred Jones, say otherwise. According to Jones, "All life found on the surface of Discworld is able to flawlessly perform the cha cha and this remarkable feat deserves to be preserved. Others say this is just further evidence that Dr Endrikat's plan is a good one.

Discworld (books)[edit]

There has been very little exploration of Discworld to date, a fact that might have had something to do with Discworld being about 35 billion miles away from the Earth. However, some exploration has been done by famed anthropologist and biographer Terry Pratchett.

Pratchett, who previously worked at a nuclear power plant, had mutated to the extent that he could travel to Discworld in a matter of minutes. He used this talent to research the world and write a series of books documenting his travels there.

The books are known for their bland and humorless recitation of the facts as well as their unhealthy obsession with orangutans. Jane Goodall has been quoted as saying "I like orangutans along with all other monkeys and all. but the man has got to know when to stop". Reports that Goodall was nearly beaten to death by a mysterious ape who emerged from between the shelves of her personal library remain unconfirmed.

Despite these criticisms, the books have become required reading for all university courses on astrozoology and magic.

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