Disney's Adventures on Wheels

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That would happen if every day of class was a great adventure, from exploring the inside of a cell, passing through the earlier time of the Earth to travel to the very solar system?

 Based on the comic series The Magic School Bus this classic Disney invites you to make these trips unusual where the magic, fun and above all the

File:The Magic School Bus.jpg
Adventures on Wheels

adventure feature as the main in this animation. In the film we see several characters from Disney classics both protagonist and antagonist, and SEGA and Nintendo characters.


All the children gather at their tables in the Toon Academy until it appears Miss Frizzle with her chameleon Liz and with his partner Nights, and start classes. Then leads to all of its students to travel and learn magic Busy Bus that will take them to make incredible journeys, but not everything will be happy as an evil scientific with aim to dominate the world, Professor Norton Nimnul, will do its utmost to snatch power from the bus, so uses several villains who will to help you in your plan. Now Miss Frizzle and all its class will collaborate to prevent the fate of the Earth.

Primary characters (Miss Frizzle's class)[edit]

Secondary characters (Friends)[edit]

Primary antagonists (Professor Norton Nimnul's team)[edit]