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Disney World is an American military base located in Miami, Florida. It was established shortly after the Fantasian-American War in which the United States defeated legions of brooms carrying water and became a world power. The Base is currently under the command of former World War III General Mike D. Eisnerhower. In the past few years the base has come under sharp criticism from Human Rights Groups and foreign nations for alleged torture of inmates in the Base's prison. It is much larger than it's Californian counterpart, Disneyland, a small, albeit very successful, independent nation.


Disney World was first established after the United States gained land rights to the Fantasian Island of Florida. Fantasia and the United States had been at war following the tragic explosion of the USS Northern South Dakota in a Fantasian-controlled port. Following the explosion was a series of epic battles, each more epic than the last, in which the U.S. fought a war motivated by Freedom. Once the U.S. Gained Florida the country put up several bases so that ships wouldn't explode anymore and they could keep a standby force in the event that the native population of elderly Jewish grandparents became agitated.

Soon after Supreme War Lord Mickey "Walt Disney" Mouse VII (God for short) had founded The Evil Empire, he started to look elsewhere for good, fresh, warm land to conquer and grow his Domain. Once the United States of America had unmerciful destroyed the country of Fantasia in the name of Freedom, they started to see that a lot of people that looked creeply like cartoons out of a Disney Movies were scouting the area. Before long the FBI learned that Supreme War Lord Mickey VII was planning to take their newly conquered land for himself and to build a Satanic Fortress of Demonic terror which includes long lines for rides and highly priced bad food. But by this time is was far to late to stop him.

On the dawn of November 22, 1963, The Forces of The Mouse landed near the town of Our-Condo (which is spanish for mine, not yours) and destroyed the local Jeish Grandparent population and renamed the city Orlando. (which means this is my land BITCH in Italian)


The structure of Command at Disney World breaks down as follows.


Chain of Command at Disney World
Command of Disney World:
Mickey Mouse
Gen. Mike Eisnerhower
Lts. Pluto and Donald Duck XIV
Malificent and Henchpersons A through ξ

and Chip, Dale and the-third-long-lost-brother-we-don't-remember-the-name-of

Human Rights Controversy[edit]

In May of 2004 allegations surfaced of maltreatment of detainees at the Prison located on the Disney World base. The initial probe, the Beluga Report: Version to Release to Public into the abuse found that it was the actions of a few bad apples, and that it would "never happen again, no, really we mean it!" However, terrorist-sympathizing human rights groups started whining about being detained utterly incommunicado, not being given access to legal counsel and the gradual transformation of those who are held too long in the Pleasure Island compound into donkeys. The final allegation has been proved to be bunk. The Supreme Court recently declined to hear a case appealing status as Enemy Combatant on procedural grounds, denying certiorari on the fact that appellant was a donkey. Gen. Eisnerhower assures reporters that this is a coincidence.