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Dixieland flag

Dixie or Dixieland (not to be mistaken for Disneyland) is an imaginary country celebrated in a number of popular songs and, as such, takes its place not so much among the nations of the earth as it does among other nations of the mind such as Narnia, Middle Earth, Oz, La La Land, Never Never Land, and whatever planets O. J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Iron Mike Tyson, Michael Moore, and Barbara Streisand are living on.

Chief Exports[edit]

Dixieland cotton

A popular country, the main exports of which are cotton and a distinctive style of disposable paper cups, Dixie makes such a good impression on its visitors that they invariably wish they "were back in the land of cotton." Dixie is known for its jazz music and, despite the imaginary status of the nation, is considered the place of its origin. Since life in Dixie is slow and easy but not always practical or productive, the phrase "just whistling Dixie" has come to mean living a life of bliss and contentment that is, nevertheless, sometimes impractical.

A Land of Nuts and Fruits[edit]

Female residents of Dixie are known as "Dixie Chicks," and several of them have formed a country music group to criticize the president of the United States. Supermarkets in Dixie are known as Win Dixie because, according to the history of the nation, Dixie once fought a war against the United States, opening supermarkets to rally its citizens, figuring that Dixielanders would fight and die for fruits, vegetables, and other foods if such groceries were readily available for a reasonable price. The profits from the sale of such merchandise helped to finance the war, although, ultimately, Dixie lost, a fate that is recounted in another popular song, "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down."

Heart of Dixie[edit]

Often alluded to in songs from the the late 18th century, The Heart of Dixie does not actually describe a physical locale. In fact, it describes the still beating heart of the Dread Lord of Dixie, a necromancer who terrorized the area's inhabitants during the border wars of the 1780's. The Heart was removed from the necromancer after a fatal duel with a young Rudolf Steiner.

Famous Dixielanders[edit]

Alyson Hannigan, a famous Dixie Chick, endorsing Dunkin' Donuts

Notwithstanding its fictional status, many famous inbred men and women claim to hail from Dixie, including: