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The Dixie Chicks originally knowns as the Chicks with Dicks were a controversial country music group/crimefighting-- or rather committing-- team and were the first successful transsexual country musicians. In addition to their music, which included the hit songs "I Feel Like a Woman" and the Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack, they were among the leading dissident voices of the early Y2K years, and were nearly successful in single-handedly engineering the overthrow of the Second Bush Hegemony, which they did later succeed in in the year 3026, after Bush amended the Constitution (or ignored it) so he could run an additional 255 times. Only the concerted efforts of their own record label, Sony Records, the media empire controlled by Clear Channel Communications, and the vast right-wing conspiracy behind the fradulent Election of 2004 prevented the Chicks from fulfilling their goal of achieving World Peace before their undeniable succession.

Upon examination many years later, and as a result of a Playboy pictorial, it was discovered that the Dixie Chicks were actually transsexual infiltrators, working under contract to the government of France. After the somehow tragic demise of the band along with several hundred armed terrorists in 2005 (the Tikrit uprising that ultimately led to discoveries in new bio-engineered humanoid neurotoxins), a closer review of the DC's aparatichik was called for by the NAACP, ACLU, and the brain dead believers of dribble posted at moveon.org. As it turned out, the DC band members were spawned from the defective reproductive raisins located in a conveniently removable region of k-movie hero, Michael Moore. Their ill-fated attempts to overthrow the SuperHero Best-president-ever-that-everyone-in-the-US-loves President of the United States of America (see G.W. Bush) led to their ultimate demise, and secured them a spot in the hallowed annals of the Darwin Awards.

In 2006, the "Chicks" reemerged with a new CD, which somehow earned them several Oscars.

They are the current supreme overloads of Liberica, which is the former U.S. state of Massachusetts (after they took over the U.S., it was the only state liberal enough to put up with them and seceded.)

The current members of the group are Natalie Muhammed Abul-Maines-Tarabay-Maines-Pasdar-Hussien-Lord Voldemort-bin Laden, Emily Erwin-Robison-bin Laden, and Martie Erwin-Seidel-John-Jacob-Jingelheimer-Schmidt-Maguire-bin Laden (Obama-- I mean Osama bin Laden is known to have many wives.). Former members include Laura Lynch, Robin Lynn Macy, Eminem, Keith Urban,Kenny Chesney (BTW, the jury is still out on whether he is a guy with huge knockers or a girl with a small cock.) ,Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr, and several cute, fluffy hamsters.