Doctor Folkenstein

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This fascist kills machines.

Doctor Karl Hieronymmous Ferdinand Woody von Folkenstein, also known as the "Harmonaca-ist of Hate" is a German scientist and evil dictator of the formerly peaceful Republic of Thislandisyourland.

From earliest youth, Folkenstein wanted to become the world's greates folk singer. Alas, his beautiful singing voice made this difficult. In addition his father, Baron Klaatu von Folkenstein determined that his son would follow in his footsteps and become an evil scientist. Eventually driven mad by frustration, the younger Folkenstein designed a blasphemous creation, a homonculous composed of the bodies of folk music's greatest legends. He then had his brain transferred into the creature and brought it to life by means of techniques unknown to non-evil science.

Folkenstein then moved to Thislandisyourland, where he conspired with the evilist folk singers in the republic, forming a cabal known as "Hell's Hootenanny". This group was able to stage a coup in 1997. "Thislandisyourland? Thislandismyland!" he quipped as his robot legions cut down all opposition.

Hell's Hootenanny ruled as a group for the next four yours, before Folkenstein had the rest of the group executed in 2001, citing "creative differences". Ruling on his own, Folkenstein was able to continue doing evil things, only now he could do them more. For example, he has been accused of spreading bad vibes in the neighbouring Kingdom of Psychedelia. How bad is that?

Folkenstein has not gone unopposed. Recently, the leader of the Washboard Liberation Front declared that "Folkenstein's reign of terror must stop. It's been a hard reign but, believe me, a hard reign's a-gonna fall."