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Dodecahedron: Twelve Faces of Fear was a movie released in 1996 by Generic Movie Corporation Number Seven. Considered a minor cult hit, it follows a long line of survival/horror/thriller films based on geometric objects, such as The Cube, The Sphere, The Ring and The Bermuda Triangle. It stars Eddie Murphy and Bruce Willis.

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Plot Outline[edit]

The protoganists - two cops named Cassius Black (Murphy) and Steven White (Willis) - are sent to investigate a dodecahedronic building that has mysteriously appeared in the center of New York. While attempting to unravel the mysterious of the Dodecahedron they encounter survivors who apparently had the Dodecahedron form around them. The mystery increases as the elaborate various traps within the Dodecahedron start to kill people in violent and seemingly pointless ways.

Almost everybody dies.

Main Characters[edit]

Steven White - A cynical experienced cop who is one week from retirement and likes to play things by the book. He saves some people, then dies, but not before Cassius teaches him the value of improvisation and rule-breaking.

Cassius Black - A street-wise trouble-making young cop who doesn't like to play things by the book. He saves some people, then dies, but not before Steven teaches him the value of rules and values.

Simon Fairfax - An American actor pretending to be a pompous English guy. He's a pain in the ass and dies brutally fairly early on.

Isabella Hotula - The sultry waitress of a restaurant prior to being taken captive inside the Dodecahedron. She dies for being slutty.

Amandra Heroinis - Another waitres of the same restaurant. Still pretty, but not slutty, so she gets to live.

Billy and Wally Robieson - Two young boys who play too many computer games. Through the Dodecahedron they learn the error of their ways.