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A Dollar Store is a retail establishment that sells money, normally in increments of 1 dollar. They are always located next to laundromats (a.k.a. 'washeteria' in Texas)

Most dollar stores require you to pay in the same form of currency that you are purchasing. For instance, four $1 bills can be purchased for $4, payable in 1-dollar bills. This has turned out to be confusing to some consumers, who wonder why they would go to the dollar store to purchase money if it costs them the same amount of money to obtain the new bills (which, often, are old bills). Fortunately for the dollar stores, they don't rely on the custom of the average consumer.

Dollar stores are used extensively by the treasury arm of several national governments, though it is unclear precisely what purpose they serve. Spokespersons for the US Treasury Department have steadfastly refused to comment on the issue.

As part of some Dollar stores' new advertisements, they now also sell bills in the 5 and 10 dollar format.

You might ask how a Dollar Store could make any sort of profit. Answer? Volume.


After the rapidly increasing inflation in the late 20th century, dollar stores nationwide were no longer able to meet their promised price. Growing desperate, franchise owners tried to keep the business afloat, with gimmicks like the two-dollar store, the 5 dollar store, the 650-cent store, the 10 buck store, the under 18 store (quickly abandoned), the $50 store, the store-for-billionaires-only and finally, the Euro store.

Luckily, these alarming trends only lasted a span of about 15 minutes before returning to normal. Previously, David Leslie has been held responsible for these temporary phenomena; however, it is the opinion of many experts that this unfair due to David's circumstances, namely his overwhelming incestual behaviors eliciting much speculation on what caused these ludicrous marketing decisions, most sources now point toward Nerf poisoning and electric eels, baby.

Dollar stores are known for where to go when you want to kill yourself with cheap Chinese goods, but just can't quite afford to go to Walmart. You don't have to dress up like Walmart, either.