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This article deals with Donald Duck, the actor, who appear in many movies directed by Walt Disney. For information about the Disneyland military leader, see Admiral Donald Duck.

Donald Duck (1882)-2005 s believed to be one of the most famous Facist Supporters of Disney. So great his beliefs, that a schism formed between him and Mickey Mouse and the two are on icy terms. He is most famous for his garbled up speech and cold personality.

The Golden Years[edit]

Born in 1882 to Italian ducks, he attended the prestigious Bernard Matthews academy of excellence where he excelled at poultry (ironic huh?) studies. Paul Morrow Phd had this to say about him;

Cquote1.png He was always a very good student. Where's the beef? Cquote2.png

At 18 he enlisted in the army to fight the Nazis somewhere in Europe at some time whatever. There, he developed Facist views. He was given the Iron Cross Medal of Honour (or honor) for his services and his ability to cook a fantastic omellette. He was on top of the world, but things were to take a turn for the worse.

Returning back to the United States, Donald was offered a job with Walt Disney. Already a well known war hero, Donald was quickly able to capture the public's hearts as he quickly rose to stardom.

Donald Duck, as depicted in the Disney WWII propaganda film Der Fuehrer’s Face.

The turn for the worse[edit]

In May of 1971, Donald did the unthinkable and tried to assassinate Garfield with a giant hamster ball. He failed, but was sentenced to Alcatraz for life.

Cquote1.png Where's the beef? Cquote2.png

Exactly Paul, my friend, where is the beef? Don't worry. There is beef at the end of the rainbow.

Donald was released on bail by is friend, Mickey Mouse. However, he later accused him of communist ideals and Mickey in turn accused Donald as a fascist. Donald was further disgraced, going into solitude to drink whiskey and smoke Cuban cigars.

Donald's Death[edit]

Donald Duck was killed in 2005 during a dispute between the powerpuff girls, Stitch and Hillary Clinton

House on Un-American Activities Committee[edit]

Despite the incoherent ramblings of McCarthy, Donald was charged with contempt of court although this was attributed more to the committee being unable to understand him, as years of kitten huffing had done serious damage to his voice, rather then for refusing to testify against his fellow colleges. His temper, only made worse by his drinking, caused Donald to erupt in anger at the committe as he was hauled out of court. The profanity laced tirade, aired live on national television, however only enhansed his reputation in Hollywood as the valient defender of the film industry. Walt Disney however was furious, or so it seemed, yet his career continued to climb as Donald Duck was at his peak.

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