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Doogie Howser, also known as Doogie Howser, Boy Genius was an American doctor and actor, best known both for his portrayal of the fifth incarnation of Doctor Who on the popular British television series The Doctor and for the semi-biographical television series Doogie Howser, MD that was made about his life starring Peter Davison.

As a child, Howser was an alleged medical genius, miraculously able to diagnose any illness, and capable of inventing surgeries on the spot to cure anything. His tendency to only treat patients alone and in a dark back room made some people suspicious, but was still enough to get him cast on The Doctor.

Upon the announcement of his casting, many suggested that he was too young to play Doctor Who, particularly as he was still not potty trained. Despite this, his portrayal of a more sensitive and kind Doctor Who was a hit, at least with the two female viewers of the show, who immediately began writing a wealth of Mary-Sue fanfiction about the character. At the present moment, it is believed that over 50% of the pages written in English by people other than Joyce Carol Oates are Mary-Sue fics about the Fifth Doctor Who.

Concerned about losing male viewers because of the excessive sensitivity of Howser's portrayal, the producers attempted to complement him with particularly macho and masculine companions. Unfortunately, as the producers of Doctor Who have always been the gayest men alive, they wound up selecting Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett, and Bambi as his companions. This only led to more slash fiction, of course, with Bambi/Doctor Who being the most popular pairing. Finally, the producers wised up and replaced the remaining companions with Peri, who served to the end of Howser's time as Doctor Who.

Howser's reign as Doctor Who was cut short when he attempted to perform brain surgery on John Nathan-Turner, at which point it was revealed that he was not so much a medical doctor as a witch doctor. The surgery was thankfully completed by the brilliant Dr Dre, who replaced Howser as Doctor Who, although Nathan-Turner suffered ill effects, leading him to think it was a good idea to cast Dre as Howser's replacement in The Doctor.

Following his role on The Doctor, Howser took a role as a cantankerous doctor in the show House M.D., where his characer actually displayed competence, and was not especially prone to completely making shit up, although he was prone to being batshit crazy.

In November 2006, bowing to speculation by the public, and longstanding rumours, he finally admitted that yes indeed, he is black.