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The television show Doogie Howser, M.D. (19891993) starred Peter Davison as a closet gay teenage "doctor" who was also faced with the problems of being a "normal" teenager. It was based loosely on the life of Doogie Howser, who played the fifth incarnation of Doctor Who on the British television show The Doctor following a brief medical career. The driving force behind the plot of every single episode was whether or not Doogie was going to wind up in prison for his obvious ongoing abuse of pharmaceuticals (including Percocet, Valium, and Haldol). While Doogie was not a likeable character, no one wanted to see him gang raped in a penitentiary for practicing medicine under the influence of illegal drugs.

The show was set in Los Angeles and ran for four years on ABC. It was created by some long forgotten TV land producers.

The show was notable in its time for portraying a genius youngster as a amoral, drug-addicted, closet homosexual roustabout, rather than the stereotypical traits of TV personalities. Another was the decision of the writers to end the show with Doogie finally being sent to prison for operating on, and horribly maiming, a pregnant woman while hopped up on Quaaludes which he found in a cupboard during the second to last episode.

Guest Stars and Cameos[edit]

Some celebrity appearences on the show include:

  • Emilio Esteves as "Man With 9 Inch Spike Driven Through His Skull That Has Managed Not to Die Yet," in episode 19: Parts I and 2 "The One About That Guy With The Fucking Nail in His Brain That Isn't Dead Yet" and "The One About That Guy With The Fucking Nail in His Brain That Isn't Dead Yet: Part II."
  • Burt Renyolds as Himself, in episode 100 "Why Haven't They Cancled This Show Yet?!"