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“Theres actually music playing? That shits so damn slow!”

~ Kai Hansen on Doom Metal

Doom metal (aka DOOM metal) is a form of heavy metal that mixes the emerged as a recognised subgenre after the release of the video game DOOM. originated by fans who became addicted (and occasionally, violent) with playing the high-speed asskicking of DOOM and formed their own band.

Typical Doom Metal group singing about the Doomsday.

History of doom metal[edit]

After the great steel factory accident of 1967 that turned Tony Iommi, master of doom and reality, into Iron Man, doom metal was perceived to be gone for good - having been banned and censored by multiple world governments. But that was soon to change, thanks to a small leap in video games that lead to the virtual holocaust of NAZIs and Aliens.

Although in the beginning of the 1990s, Wolfenstein 2D was a similar game that can be considered proto-doom, it was not after DOOM that was released that doom metal emerged as a genre. However, the Finnish black metal band My Loving Groom wrote songs about killing Nazis and their song Level 7 contained songwriting that could be described as "proto-doom."

With the release of DOOM in 1993, nerds with no lives quickly became addicted to the asskicking of blowing up demons from hell with a RPG. The first Doom metal band originated from Sweden called Candlemass. They were a group of god fearing televangelists. Candlemass's debut album, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, is considered a legendary metal album and the first "true" doom metal album. It combined the dark and evilness of heavy metal and the dark and evilness of DOOM. The cover art depicted a zombies head being blown up with a shotgun. Pentagram imitators later followed with their own spin on the genre. DOOM metal quickly formed into a genre that basement dwellers couldn't get enough of.


Like most kinds of metal, doom metal is typically based upon beating a metal support beam with a shovel. Doom metal is no exception. However, the metal is "heavier, slower and darker."

It is also important to note that no matter how you tune your guitar (usually E, Eb/D#, D, Db/C#, or C), that you must as often as possible use "the doom note". For those not in the know, this is the first fret on the low E string. Some people, such as Tony Iommi, have mastered the use of this (and the mysteriously substituted third fret E string) doom note by applying a slow monsterish bend that causes a state of melancholy, despair, and depression in listeners.

Lyrical Themes[edit]

DOOM metal lyrics are typically about DOOM, Impending DOOM, Hell, Satan, Sitting alone in darkness waiting to be free, being at the gallows end, fighting off an army of evilness and demons gate.

An example of doom metals inherit evilness, a verse from the Swedish doom metal band Candlemass song Demons Gate:

  • Beyond all nightmares I met my fate
  • All of my soldier buddies slaughtered by hells hate
  • Scared I was with my hand on my gun
  • I went into the demons gate

Stylistic divisions within doom metal[edit]

Traditional doom[edit]

Slow, melevolent, noise-based metal influenced by Pentagram as well as the Old Wave of American Heavy Metal movement. Typical examples: Saint Louis, Pentagram, Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus and Reverend Shotgun.


DOOM metal that is loudier and places a greater lyrical emphasis on killing the enemies and your buddies, rather than just exploring levels, wandering aimlessly. An example of classic death/doom song is the song by the Spanish band Evilution called Ultraviolence and IDDQD.

Funeral doom[edit]

Funeral doom takes an emphasis on the main character in DOOM dying. It's usually slow and contains song titles like I Was Too Young to Die" and "Hey, "I Said Not Too Rough."

Drone doom[edit]

Also known as drone metal, drone doom is a style which focuses on those annoying spider robots in DOOM. The songs are usually long and contain little direction in them. Their creator said it was from him recording him breaking up his old water heater which produced a sound described as being, "evil and robotic, like those spider monsters in DOOM."

Recent developments in drone doom style[edit]

Drone doom bands tend to go through water heaters quickly, and some have taken to utilizing an electric guitar and large amplifiers forgoing the water heaters altogether. Doom purists question this move, as an electric guitar amp usually looks a great deal more like a refrigerator than a water heater. One band, Sunn 0))) has even had the gall to name themselves after an amplifier brand name, blaspheming the classic practice of bands naming themselves after water heater brands. See Frigidaire, Kenmore, and Maytag.

Stoner doom[edit]

A hybrid form of DOOM, DOOM metal and marijuana.

Sludge doom[edit]

A sub-genre that emphasizes on fan-created doom maps with a lot of sludge on the maps. You remember the levels.

Black doom[edit]

A sub-genre that is inspired by also playing Silent Hill bunch and using distortion not as much and using as much chorus and reverb as possible. Lyrics are usually about suicide and how great nature is. Bands of the style include Dolorian and Forgotten Tomb


Doom songs are typically longer than most other genre song structures. GIR's Doom Song is not only considered the longest Doom song of all time, but also one of the longest songs ever in music history. It clocks in at approximately 262,974 minutes (6 months), and considered the most doom song of all time both lyrically and in length.