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DoomBuilder, now with extra features!

DoomBuilder Interface


DoomBuilder is program that is used to create some dark act. Commonly DoomBuilder is used to do suicide, but there are more than just suicide features. You can, for example, do own custom scripts, but only problem with custom scripts is that no one really knows about the script syntax(Some say that its similar to Visualbasic or C++). Also if your computer is really bugged and you don't want to use it ever again there is option for you. Try Format C: function on interface, talking about interface, interface is very user friendly. One option is to divide 666 with 0, This should cause "End of the World"

DoomBuilder was created by Kiddieripper in early 90's. When he released his product in public it was great success for him and his company which was id software. While creating murder plan in DoomBuilder you get access to choose from 9 different weapons which are:

There are few rumours going around about Doombuilder. Some say that the whole program is just a hack, this is proven to be wrong however. All users who have used Doombuilder are either pleased or dead. Creature known as Cyberdemon can be controlled with Doombuilder, but this needs more facts to support this rumour. Some say that Custom scripts you can do with Doombuilder would actually help you to control Cyberdemon. Please! if you find anything about this. Give it in.

Version history[edit]

DoomBuilder Version 1.666 Released in 2006

  • Custom scripts came in.
  • New section added in help "Ending own life"

DoomBuilder Version 1.5 Released in 2004

  • Added new weapon to murder plan "BFG9000"
  • Tweaked "End of The World" Button a bit
  • Added nicer interface(instead of dos)

DoomBuilder Version 1.4 Released in 2002

  • Funny, nothing was added...

DoomBuilder Version 1.3 Released in 1999

  • Added guide in help how to protect from disasters at year 2000

DoomBuilder Version 1.2 Released in 1998

  • Added Format C: function
  • Bug fixed from "End of The World", now it actually works!

DoomBuilder Version 1.1 Released in 1995

  • Added "End of the World" function
  • Bunch o more stuff in help section

DoomBuilder Version 1.0 Released in 1993

  • Duh all main features

DoomBuilder Version 0.1 Released in 1992

  • Ideas, and working suicide pact

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