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Dora, Dora, Dora the Exploder! Who's a supercool terrorista? Grab your death vest. Let's go! Pull hard! Vamonos! You can kill the Weeeeest! Hey, Hey! Dodo-Dora-dodo-Dora Coppers no stopping! Coppers no stopping! Dora the Exploder! Boom!

That is the theme song from the popular Al-Queda Child Martyr Biographies series on Dora Al-Muhammed. Dora Al-Muhammed, more commonly referred to as Dora the Exploder, was the pioneer of child suicide bombers, in the most recent Jihad. Dora's life and career were filled with turmoil and loyalty to the House of Islam.


Dora Al-Muhammed was born May 2, 1994.

Growing up in Afghanistan, Dora's life, as the daughter of notorious leader Osama Bin Laden, was extremely comfortable. At night she was permited to sleep on a straw mat, quite a luxury, and during the day, she was allowed to show her face for a maximum of five seconds.

Because of her father's connections, Dora got an education. Her education, while lower that a preschooler level by Western standards, was the best education available in the country. At school, Dora learned how to say, "Death to the West!" in several different languages and, by the time she was six, was able to construct a fully functioning ball bearing suicide vest. Because of her education, Dora was bound to be destined for great things. However, things were not to be.

During the year that her father planned 9/11, Dora's education was stopped (to conserve funds) and she was put to work as a scullery maid/child prostitute. However, on September 11, 2002, a year after the imfamous attack was carried out by her father, Dora's life changed yet again.


As American troops rolled through the Afghan countryside, Dora and her father were fleeing towards Pakistan. As they neared the border, a U.S. tank rolled up behind them. As the leader of the Jihad, Dora's father had to survive. The two ran, and, along the way, Dora pulled out her latest version suicide vest. She quickly strapped it on, then turned around and ran towards the tank. The tank stopped a mere inch in front of her. Dora screamed to her father to run, and pulled the chord. Due to an error, 2,000 pounds of confetti poured out and crushed Dora to death. While the tank operators were stunned, Dora's father ducked into a small cave to hide.

Seth Myers descibing the new hit Hamaas show about the life of the lovingly called Dora the Exploder.

World Effect & Television Show[edit]

Dora's work with explosives have come in handy for terrorists. The newest version of suicide vests is modeled on Dora's last blueprint. Dora has also given the terrorists the will to continue attempting to destroy the West. With the T.V. show's ratings skyrocketing, Dora will have had a lasting effect on the world. Her television show replaced the Hamaas mouse after Dora's death and the execution of the mouse on September 12, 2002. Dora's memory continues to live on as more and more suicide bombers continue to blow themselves up in an effort to kill the West.

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