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Last known photograph of Dr. Evil

“He's evil.”

~ Captain Obvious on Dr. Evil

“What a pussy...”

~ Joseph Stalin on Dr. Evil

Demetrius Pololevil A.K.A Dr. Evil was an inspirational warrior of his time. He formed the band of renegades now known as the Bosnian Warrior Knights and trained many of the world's most deadly swordsmen. His death sent shockwaves around the world and caused the Warrior Knights to disband and seek solo careers. He was also the sole creator of The Makuta in Bionicle.

Early Years[edit]

Demetrius was brought up in a household wrought with danger. This is where he first began a now unreachable amount of fighting techniques as he had to battle the fists of his stepfather and the glorious gloves of doom. He left home as a boy, set on the path of becoming the most powerful warrior alive.

Tiger Master[edit]

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On his path he was ambushed by a team of men wearing tiger masks, he was stolen away and rushed to the leader of the group known as the Shadow Tigers. The Tiger Master was impressed with the skill of which Demetrius possessed and decided to train him, with the hope of him succeeding him as master of the Shadow Tigers. Evil was trained in the arts of the tiger, but turned out far more powerful than the master had hoped and attempted an assassination. Demetrius repelled this attack and destroyed the Tiger village

The dreaded Tiger Master

The Warrior Knights[edit]

In his travels thereafter, Demetrius met and guided many warriors. Some he handpicked to join his group of warriors known as the Bosnian Warrior Knights. They included; Poppa Quirke A.K.A 'Smooth Rugged', Stevie Wonder A.K.A 'Blind Bat' and Clay Aiken A.K.A 'White Shadow'. The renegades wrecked and pillaged many villages, abusing their power as much as they could.


Dr. Evil was killed on July 21st 1751, after Smooth Rugged pierced heart with an arrow-head. It was later released on the bands website that Demetrius had been having an affair with Quirke's then girlfriend, this was not a surprise to many as Dr. Evil was a known womaniser. People often called him 'Dr. Friend to the Ladies.'


Dr. Evil regained life in november 2007 after a bunch of students destroyed the capital of Holland, Sittard during a strike wich lasted for four days. He was called back to life by a local group of movienerds to gain control and rebuild the city after the ruling regime fled the town.

Family Tree[edit]

Not only is Nigel Powers the father of both Austin and Dr Evil, but is also the great grand-father of Mini-me and the estranged uncle of Fuk-Me and Fuk-you who are cousins to both Ms Kensington and Mrs Kensington who is the older sister of Beyonce who has recently engaged one Mr Gold-member. No kids are expected, because he lost his you-who in bucket of Kryptonite.

An artists rendition of Demetrius in battle uniform

Members of the Bosnian Warrior Knights[edit]