Dr. Josef Mengele

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The invisible Dr. Mengele[edit]

Dr. Josef Mengele was first discovered by the Allies following the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. He is the author of The Nuremberg Code and holds the position of Head of Abductions at Dreamland Studios in Area 51.

Although not much is known for sure about the highly secretive Dr. Mengele, there is the medium of film to guide you the people zafely through and beyond Gotterdamerung itself. The good doctor has made many appearances on film, some credited and others not so. The following list provides some examples -

  • The Men From P.O.R.T.U.G.A.L. - in which Dr. Mengele is savagely eaten by Anubis
  • Snickers! - in which Dr. Mengele plays a singing dentist who experiments with creating motile flesh-eating plants in his spare time
  • Flowers in the Atticus - guest appearence in this DVD-only release in the Closet Cultivator series
  • The Omen - in which Dr. Mengele simultaneously attempts to prevent Italy's turn away from fascism in WW2 while also preventing the Anti-Christ from gaining complete world domination

Persistant rumours indicate the doctor may be none other than Pat Sharp. These are just rumours, as they have yet to be properly verified by Tony Blair's crack team of truth seekers.


At present, Doctor Mengele is waiting for the Jews in hell(considering what they do in Israel, they won't have a hard time reaching it), "Come little Jews, papa Mengele is waiting for you!".