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Dr. M

Dr. M figures out that a secret tunnel leading from the bathroom on ground floor Donahue leads not to a toilet paper storage cupboard, but to an underground torture chamber maintained by remnants of the Cissegaran fleet.

Publisher WJU Saga
First appearance 1968
Created by Churchill Society, Wheeling
Real name Dr. Terry Mackinaw
Status Active
Affiliations Council of Light, WJU Philosophy Department
Previous affiliations The Belgian Boys Brigade
Notable aliases None
Notable relatives Beatrice Mackinaw, wife; Ellen Mackinaw, disowned daughter
Notable powers Superhuman strength; resistance to physical and psychic attacks; rides Bianca, Scooter of Death
This article is about Dr. M, a superpowererd professor at Wheeling Jesuit University. There is no article about Dr. Madhatter, the Supreme Overlord of Malaysia, because nobody really likes him anyway.

Dr. M is a prolific professor of philosophy at Wheeling Jesuit University, and is a member of the Council of Light as well as the author of the highly-controversial Ayn Rand: The Randy Bitch. He is a close associate of fellow philosophy professors Dr. X and Very Rev. Kevin Quirk.

Early Life and Childhood[edit]

Dr. M was born Terry Mackinaw in Antwerp, Belgium on 20 July, 1948, to Belgian factory workers struggling to make a living after the destruction wrought by World War II. At age twelve, Dr. M converted from Protestantism to Catholicism, and began to show great interest in Nico-Machean ethics and Aristotilean philosophy. As a child, he worked in a factory run by La Evillé Industries that specialised in cigarette and VCR production.

At age fifteen, Dr. M suffered an accident work. He was poisoned by a massive dose of mutated tobacco, granting him super strength and near-unbreakable skin. However, the accident also made him highly reliant on cigarettes. In an attempt to cover their own behinds, La Evillé Industries sent Dr. M to the University of Paris on scholarship.


Dr. M earned his PhD in philosophy in three years, and planned to emigrate to the United States to find a new life there. La Evillé Industries, however, sought to do him in before he could leave Europe, and they sent a super soldier of their own named Straw Man. Although Straw Man almost succeeded in killing Dr. M by suffocating him with straw, the resilient philosopher eventually turned the tides in his favour and threw Straw Man into the English Channel, where he was believed to have been defeated.

Wheeling Jesuit University[edit]

Straw Man is Dr. M's nemesis. Although thought to be dead, Straw Man has resurfaced several times over the years.

Attracted to the ideology of the Jesuit resistance, Dr. M moved to Wheeling, West Virginia in 1968, where he took a position as associate professor of philosophy at Wheeling Jesuit University. Although he declined membership into the Council of Light on several occasions, he was a great friend of Dr. X and many of the Council's members. Dr. M fought valiantly alongside his colleagues during the Cissegara Invasion of Wheeling Jesuit University in 1992, but was unable to prevent Dr. X from being defeated by foreign agents.

After Dr. X's departure from this dimension, Dr. M succeeded him as chairperson of the philosophy department. In 2005, after Hammond the Holy withdrew his membership from the Council of Light, Dr. M finally agreed to join the team, using his powers to protect the students of Wheeling Jesuit University.


As a result of the tobacco incident, Dr. M possesses superhuman strength, able to lift upwards of 80 tons. His skin is also highly resistant to physical attacks, and he able to take powerful blows without flinching. He is also impervious to all put the strongest firepower, and has slight resistance to psychic attacks.

Dr. M gets around Wheeling on Bianca, his trusty scooter. He has modified Bianca numerous times over the years with a wide array of weapons and armour.