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“Count to five, Tamia, if you can”

Dr. Thinker is a fan fiction writer who is known for his writing style of not making one iota of sense. Words are randomly strung together, tenses are changed in the same sentence, and if you manage to understand what the plot of any of his stories is not only will you have accomplished something very few can claim to have done but even the plot doesn't make any sense.

His own patent approved style of typos is called Thinkerisms (similar to Bushisms). They are words that require an entire team of forensic linguists to find out what he may have meant. It doesn't help that they have high turnover rates as his stories are maddening.

Fortunately, a brave and valiant group of people, who wield the ultimate literary weapon known as MSTing came and fought the Bad Doctor's stories. It was a gruesome battle, many people went insane, but in the end, the MSTers were able to defeat the Doctor, thanks the leaders of the MSTers: A janitor, a temp, and some robots made out of junk that was lying around.

Unfortunately, it seems that Dr. Thinker, with a Ph.D. in mad arts, has managed to return. Only the MSTers don't have the same power they had in the old days. They are recruiting people to help them save the Internet from not only Thinker, but also the likes of Stephen Ratliff, John_-_Winston, people who insert themselves into Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction along with every other insert that they can think of, and so many more. Check here if you believe that you have what it takes to be most valiant and brave!

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