Dr. Von Fungi

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Dr. Von Fungi

Dr. Lincoln Von Fungi (born March 4, 1900 in the Mushroom Kingdom) is a renowned scientist, inventor, economist, and politician. He is known for his massive intellect, sometimes abrasive personality, and aversion to prune juice.


Like nearly all Mushroom Kingdom peoples, he was spawned out of radioactive goo that came from pipes in Brooklyn. It seems his plant was exposed to a large amount of the goo, leading to a massive increase in his intellect.

He became influential during the early period of the Mushroom Kingdom, notably being from the red mushroom clan. This clan is distinctive for propensity for growth as opposed to usefulness. This natural urge will have broad implications for Von Fungi's life later on.

Once the Mushroom Kingdom was officially created in 1981, he quickly rose to the important position as aide to Princess Peach(Princess Toadstool) . It is generally recognized that Von Fungi and Princess Peach are quite close, but there has been no proof of any sort of phyiscal relationship between them.

Von Fungi became elected chair of the Mushroom Council in 1989 and has served that post every year since. The Council has supreme authority over all decisions made within the Mushroom Kingdom, though it should be noted that Princess Peach holds veto power over any measure she deems unfit. This has only occurred twice.

Published Works[edit]

  • "Cloning Yoshies 64
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