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“Count to five, if you can, Tamia

"I've never met Dr. Spock, but then again neither have you, jackass." ~ Jesus H. Christ

Named after a combination of his parent's two favorite things, spoons and frocks, Dr. Spock (pronounced Drive Spock) is a little known Vulcan whose parents hoped that the name would help him land a lucrative role on Star Trek. He is the only doctor in the world who isn't from Asia and has less than 25 letters in his name. He has also been credited with being the "Dr. of Crunk, bitch" and "Young Spockeezy the Snowman". As a teenager, he lived the typical gangsta life: drinking, smoking, and all other types of ill shit. He got an internship to John Hopkins but was later kicked out for using a dead body as a poker table, the nostrils of the body as pencil holders, the butthole as a cup holder, and the mouth for his science fair project of a volcano using crack cocaine and vinegar.