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DrakGorn was invented in the late 1890's by a group of deranged Communists deep in the jungles of Cambodia as a pyromancer designed to destroy everything. DrakGorn is or was a man-like thing at one time (probably shortly after creation) but whatever he is or was has greatly been changed by legends, myth, and black magic. Shortly after the 1st World War 2 DrakGorn was said to have been killed by the American capitalist pig dogs but his appearance during the 2nd World War 2 disproved this myth. During the 2nd World War 2 DrakGorn invented the DuckFish by combining all of the powers of a duck and a fish into a body composed of 1/2 duck and 1/2 fish. This creation rained death and destruction on the armies of the world, which had assembled to stop robostalin. What has become of DrakGorn now? Historians cannot say.

Plagues attributed to DrakGorn include The DuckFish, France, Bill Gates, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Rap music in general.