Dramamine Pathway

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The Dramamine pathway is located just above the temporal lobe and in front of the occipital lobe. It's main function seems to be disrupt sensory processing and corrupt information transmission. This part of the brain has only been recently discovered and recognized by leading researchers. It was first suggested in 1999 by Octavius C. Tardimann.

It is thought to work mostly by depleting the brain's acetylcholine. (A vital neurotransmitter involved in the basic transmission of information between neurons.) The importance of this pathway became apparent over time. Just like other neurological discoveries, it wasn't noticed until something went wrong.

The dramamine pathway's discovery was predated by numerous problems with clownboat captains. While on expiditions they placed towels on the ground to keep water from coming through the ships bottom. Seemingly simple tasks, like commenting to their peers on their mental condition, was severely inhibited.