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Dreaj Is known as the original noobsauce, invented in India in the 1920s. Dreaj is, quite simply,smashed up noobs and turned into a sauce-like produce for easy spreading on various foods. Dreaj is used by 1337 people all over the world, it is currently sold at McDonalds, and other fine dining institutions. The translation for Dreaj in English is noobsauce.

Dreaj is a sauce produced in India. Invented by Gypsies in the 1920s, Dreaj has been a part of Indian culture since the its invention. The sauce was historically made using the crude method of throwing rocks at a pile of noobs until they were all dead and turned into a fine paste, the process of this first step was known to have taken several weeks for one batch of Dreaj. Next, the paste was set on fire, and rocks were thrown into the fire, the Indian people believed this was the only way to hurt make the noobs feel the rocks hitting them once they were dead. Then, whatever wasn't evaporated was shoveled, with the dirt beneath it included, into a bucket, this bucket was then set on fire once more, and then rocks were thrown into it, said to hurt the remaining noobs. Once all the noobs had been toutured from beyond the grave, whatever was in the bucket was shoved into a cardboard box, and shipped to other countries to be sold in McDonalds for 39 cents.

Modern Era[edit]

The invention of the blender has impacted the industry of creating dreaj more than anything else, the largest manufacturer of dreaj in the world is now Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty dreaj factory in Nanking has been a site of conflict for several years, many who protest the inhuman treatment of noobs, have come to the factory in the hopes of killing as many factory workers as possible before getting gunned down by the automated defense system. During World War II, the Nazis, Soviets, and Chinese both fought hard for control of the factory, and in the end the Nazis gained control of it. While under nazi control, no dreaj was produced, some people believe that this would have a lasting impact and that it was a cause of the nike revolution of 2006. Instead of producing Dreaj, the Nazis produced several other noob-based products, such as nooburgers, and noob-based fuels. At that height of the power of hitler, the automated defense system instantly launched several swords into the buildings, killing all the occupants.


It has been proven several times that nothing beats the original Hello Kitty brand dreaj. Several other companies have attempted to hop on to the emerging market by selling similar products. The thing that is known to seperate the official product from the fake shit is that the fake shit, actually contains shit. The 1337 companies that produce genetically modified noobs (sometimes refered to as supernoobs) can only produce so many in a certain amount of time without risking a release of these `supernoobs` into the wild, which Scientologists predict would plundge the earth back in to the dark ages. Seeing as the amount of noobs designed to produce extra-tasty spread is severely limited, any clones that are made must use |wild noobs. One example of the adverse affects of using wild noobs is shown in Nike brand dreaj, which will disintegrate when exposed to air, and is still highly poisonous to 56% of the population.

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