Duck-Billed Platypus

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The platypus, clothed after being shunned by it's creator.


Unlike all other species in the world, the duck-billed platypus was created by god, and not as many believed, by Oscar Wilde. The result of which is obvious, due to God inadequate abilities to create (now understood to be a result of failing Design classes) he chose random animals to bunch together in what is widely know as a ball of crap. This remarkable creature is the only animal worldwide to not be featured in a David Attenborough film, widely believed because Attenborough is a large supporter of Oscar Wildeism (the religion). Due to God nap times coinciding with the creating of the duck billed platypus, we find that he had no time to create a sexual organ, but mutterings in his sleep managed to strike it with remarkable features, which tell us a lot about Gods sleeping patterns. If we take the Leather patch for example, or the poison barbs. Of course, God was always jealous of Oscar Wilde's creation called Warhammer, so he purposely made Duck-Billed Platypus allergic to them. He also thought it would be humorous to make the plural of Duck-Billed Platypus the same as the singular version, not noticing Oscar Wilde had in fact beaten him to the joke. Which Way support this Animal Evolution??Was it a gang rape of a duck with a beaver, a raccoon and a dog etc??

===Platypus Culture===This is all lies.

The platypus lives in large colonies called townships. As many as 66413.26 platypusses can be in a single township. Platypus technology has been advancing rapidly. The first township discovered fire last June, and already the platypus is known for its 31337 hacking skills. Unfortunately most townships have allready left to mars, not knowing the dominant species there - dogs do not welcome non-Oscar Wilde creatures. The only known weakness of platypusses is the music of coldplay. By playing music on your Ipood you will force the platypus to run like hell. Well, all will run apart from the last one, who only has 26% of his body, forcing the loss of legs, tail, bill and stomach.

Funky Fact!!![edit]

Platypus have poison barbs on their thumbs

Platypus love pencils

Platypus have a natural instinct to kill Oscar Wilde

Platypus have an allergic reaction to warhammer. And so also have a strong hate of nerds.

Platypus enjoy jam and bacon sandwiches, strangely enough they also enjoy tea. This is why many people believe they were brought to North America by the English, because the English saw how annoying they were to look at.

Famous Platypuses[edit]

Sam the platypus

Ben the platypus this is all fake

James the platypus

Kayla the platypus

George W. Bush


Perry the Platypus (agent P)

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