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Tired of your ducks always bobbing their heads? Sick of their constant walking? Want to perform cruel and degrading experiments on animals?

Then we've got a product for you!

Premium All-American Made Duck Clubs prevent any unauthorized duck use since it's physically impossible for a duck to walk without bobbing it's head.

Now all your ducks will stay right where you left them!!

Simply attatch the light device to the duck's head with a number two screwdriver, load the three actuaries, lock all four restricting rods and attatch the strap to the duck's nuts. Now you're good to go! It's just like so gangster that you can stop a duck from walking without going anywhere near his feet! Like that club on tha steering wheel thing, or tha stuff that goes on yo clutch thas suppos tu stop yo brake from not wierking or those kryptonite bicycle loks that leave yo bike frame attached with no wheels or dam handlebars.. All those stuffs go nowhere near da tyres!!

Made out of high quality mild-carbon steel, it adjusts to fit most anser neck sizes with only a minimum of choking.


*Note: Use as directed. May not prevent duck-stealage. Does not work on goose. Please practice safe duck parking habits. Never drink and honk. Thank you.





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