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It is located on the eastern edge of Dudley Moore and has a population of a large greek hunky man. Dudley escapes being famous for its population having the most stupid person in the world by a whisker, by being located just south of Wolverhampton.

Places of Interest[edit]

There are many "exciting and interesting" sites of interest in Dudley, they are listed below;

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Manan Rashid[edit]

He is known by many as simply "Gangster Mananananan" Legend has it that he is part of ‘The Mafia’. But in fact, he is not a member of a crime organization, he just gets analy violated by Al Pacino on a nightly basis.

After attending Dudley College he gained three U grades and claimed he gained three D grades......... He also claims to own a gun and have a 12” cock.


Dudley College is a college of further edacation in Dudley, West Midlands, England - you cant miss it just look for the pile of burning books to the left of the stack of used condoms and your about there.

Dudley College was opened in 1936 located in the shadow of Dudley Castle, the location was thought to be particularly well chosen as horny students could climb over the walls sneak under the bear pits to sexually assault each other in the monkey encloser. This removed the need for them to fuck in the streets.

With the high price of student tuition drug dealing is a popular primary source of income. Students are able to sell lectures weed before class as without it they are complete morons and cant teach for jack. Not that they can teach afterwards but they are at least entertaining.

In 2002, Dudley College took over the University of Wolverhampton's Castle View Campus most of the engineering department was moved there much to the supervise of everyone, including the faculty who didn't even know Dudley college had an engineering department. In many instances engineering classes had previously contained detailed information on the flow of water from wales or information on the depressed state of many of the lectures lives which revolved round the manufacture of small clocks.

The annual student fashion show is the source of much excitement for male students, they are invited to watch skantly clad attractive female students, who are so out of there league, parade themselves down a cat work occasionally getting a glimpse of upper leg.

Dudley college or the DUD as it is called by students, prides itself on its 80% drop out rate. Students who drop out before the DUD has received their government stifen of around £3000 per head, or per tit for female students, are sold as pleasure toys on blackpool pleasure beach.

Notable alumni - none - anyone of any success who has ever gone to the DUD would never admit it for fear, well being associated with Dudley college.


At KFC in Dudley, the chicken doesn't actually come from chicken, it's a special meat formulated from Human fat and the semen of Lenny Henry's penis. There is a fit woman that works there on Tuesday dinner. Go check her out. Believe me, you would.

Dudley Zoo[edit]

Also you may like to visit Dudley Zoo but I am sorry to say that they do not keep donkeys any more as they took 1 look at Lenny Henry's penis and felt inferior.

Greek connection[edit]

Dudley has a strong link to the Greek population. We've got their marbles, bitches, and NOW they decide they fucking want them back! WE PAID FOR THEM, ROBBING SCUM!

It is important to remember when in Dudley that Cyprus IS NOT Greece

Dudley's natives[edit]

90 per cent of people who live in Dudley are scutters. Most teenagers are already on their third kid and benefits are often spent at Kentuckistan Fried Chicken, where they steal the ketchup sachets to use in their own time.

65% of the people in Dudley are sadly Muslims. (*Driving out of Dudley) Do not worry though you can escape them and the bad smell! Once you arrive in Dudley you can keep going and leave. For a well known example read below about Steve McQueen.

Famous Dudleyans[edit]

Lenny Henry's penis came from Dudley, now its man juice can serve as a cure for cancer or an energy drink.

Oscar Wilde came from Dudley. I thought this page was lacking of a mention of his name, so I thought I'd leave it here.

Steve McQueen learned to drive out of Dudley. He hit the road and fell off his bike but he just jumped back on and kept driving as fast as he could. (*see above about driving out of Dudley)


Dudley was founded by the 1st Earl of Dudley in 1067 after Sir Philippe du De Lay was awarded a large area of swamp land in reward for his heroic pursuit of English maidenheads following the Battle of Hastings during which the throne of England changed hands from the noble, handsome King Harold to the pig-ugly French upstart William of Normandy.

Sir Philippe named the area after himself, due De Lay, and began to populate it by impregnating any maiden oi oi!, or otherwise, within miles. Although the spelling of the town’s name has changed over the years and the pronunciation has remained the same you all incredibly smell mo fo's!.

Dudley was mostly made up of farms and factories surrounded by the occasional cottage until the 19th century, when many rows of terraced houses with terrible sanitation were built. In the Victorian (named after Posh Spice) age Dudley underwent a period of industrial expansion, blackening its ugly architecture with soot and causing thousands of despicable council houses to be built of shoddy materials in depressing ranks.

Dudley’s finest moment came during the Blitz when it was mistaken for nearby Uttoxeter and bombed by the Luftwaffe aiming at the famous Uttoxeter carrot fields.

American tourists flocked to Dudley in the late 1970s after the pop group Led Zeppelin used photographs of a Dudley housing estate as the cover photographs for the seminal album Led Zeppelin IV (This is actually true).