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While they may appear as any other average person, the broncos hat will identify them everytime.

“Nice job, dumbass”

“Hey Mordillo”

Dumbass generally refers to a specific person located in the Western part of North America.

How to Identify a Dumbass[edit]

You can spot him wearing a broncos hat and his name is dumbass jake patton throughout the day. While he may be hard to identify amongst a large crowd of people, the broncos hat will give away his position every time. If they get clever and decide to trick people by removing the bronco hat and putting on a Rockies hat, the next alternative can be examining their wallet. At first glance, the front side and maybe even the back will have an etched shape of an "0", generally due to stationary positioning of an overly expired condom. Note, condoms won't be magnums, or even trojans for that matter, but probably just your average generic condoms. Furthermore, the wallet will probably contain under 5 dollars on average, and an expired library card. On some occasions however, they may even have a surprising 10 to 20 dollars, indicating their birthday has recently passed, and Grandma Ida remembered to send her usual BDay card containing several dollars. If the hat wont compromise the position of the dumbass, the wallet check surely will.

Down Time[edit]


In a dumbass' spare time, they generally tend to play xbox 360, pretending they are leet at COD4 or even GTA IV, when in fact they are the biggest ub3r noobs on the planet. While playing GTA IV, they are so bad, people they car jack will end up taking back their car, leaving the player left lying on the ground feeling like a pathetic fag. This is why they only play console games, because of the fear that they will get pwned by real gamers on the pc. Furthermore, they take orgasmic enjoyment in looking up anime porn on computers. No punn intended*


A dumbass will frequently make retarted bets regarding video games, and will lose everytime. The biggest recorded loss to date was on May 5 2008, where $500 was lost to a Swiss Masta J, in which a bet was made that Age of Conan for pc would release for xbox 360; but in fact the game will not be the same for consoles. Shame shame, pay up dumbass...

Social life (lol)[edit]

This is probably <insert name here>...

In their social life, which many people claim to be extremely minimal or even inexistant, they will hang around kids who are often the center for durogatory jokes and insults. Their friends can consist of numerous races of people, but primarily caucasians and asians. Amongst their friends, they are known to hang around emos or the new "SEEN" click of people. While little is known about this new group of kids (SEEN), they have been known to wear thuggish outfits (generally hoodies resembling brass knuckles). These SEEN kids also have xbox 360 gamerscores in the very low 2000 range (While this low gamerscore may be a shocker to many, they generally have multiple accounts, most of which have been banned from excessive swearing, game hacking and other dumbass actions-also reference Down Syndrome article). Aside from that, you can spot a friend of a dumbass if they have a gamerscore higher than 20,000, or always look up videogame info on school computers. Such as Halo 3 for example. more often than not the can be spotted playing online game such as world of warcraft to escape being made fun of and enter a more dumbass friendly zone.


Aside from their social life, an average dumbass tends to sit in the back parts of classrooms. They tend to excell in media classes, some of which deal with video editing and filming, as well as web design. While in web classes, an average dumbass will sit around computer savy peers to ensure they receive the highest grades possible. While in class, if a dumbass procrastinates and puts off their work, they will surf the web looking for gay 2D online games to play, or create very annoying, and shitty music tracks using the application Garage Band on the macintosh computers(also reference tone deaf). Despite their success in the media classes, the teachers will generally not tolerate a dumbass, and the dumbass will yet again be the center for durogatory jokes and insults from even the teachers themselves. Not to mention the dumbass will make multiple unwarranted and thoroughly annoying remarks towards his cooler peers - the dumbass especially likes to pick on those that drink, smoke, or are generally better at life than he is, because he thinks it will make him feel better about himself. In addition, on certain instances when video games are played in class, (i.e. end of the school year) the dumbass becomes more annoying than he has ever been, getting an inflated ego and thinking he owns everyone when he has 1 kill and 30 deaths and is a horrible sniper that can do nothing but camp the whole game.

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