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Durga, (1979-), Nuclear Scientist, Public Nudist, Inventor of ketchup. Although Durga is a self taught dentist, he has spent most of his working life figuring out how to convince people he is a great poet.

Considered one of the greatest minds of his generation Durga has been published in many publications like "Scrabble World" "The modern Bee Keeper" and "Railroad Semiconductors" writing on diverse subjects such as neural networks, mashed potatoes and transatlantic love.

PhD in Idleness Analysis from the University of Sessex he has since his graduation been focussed on implementing his theories with great success.

Selected Poems[edit]

  • Ga gaa, aaa. (1980)
  • Mine, mine, mine (1983)
  • OOh, ladies, where art thee? (2004)
  • Some Husbands are Stronger Than Others (2005)
  • Ga gaa, aaa, revisited (2005)