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December 6, 2019 at 22:39Female type of the Dutch. Divided in three types: cocky, alternative and redhaired. Usually you can recognize them quite easily: the cocky group have an extremely arrogant look, slutty clothes, low voice (due to too much beer and smoking), mobile phone with stupid, annoying, irritating ringtones mostly downloaded of the internet. The alternative group can be distinguished by the disctinctive smell of incense, clothes varying from ten year old jeans to Nirvana-shirts to Gothic dresses. Usually, some body parts are pierced, such as ears, noses, nipples, bellybuttons and eyebrows. Some even have one or more tattoos. The third group, redhaired, seem to have certain special features. For more information, ask Lucid. In Japan, a "Dutch wife" is an other name for a blow-up doll (the things perverted men use for sexual fantasies).