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Dyspepsia is a medical condition characterized by a feeling of gastrointestinal disturbance generally accompanied with a certain psychological unease, or in the words of eminent equine psychologist Dr. Arjen Frischfricker "venn zu haff die flying cockaroaches inst du schto'mach"

According to the American Society for Unsubstantiated Medical Statistics, one in four Norwegians will experience dyspepsia sometime within their short vitamin D deprived lives. Spicy ethnic food, stomach cancer, checking in on your ex-girlfriends myspace page to see photos of her being a shameless slut-with-everyone-but-you, acid-reflux disease, duodenal obstruction, agoraphobia, hemophilia, necrophilia and stomach ulcers can serve to trigger an occurance.

What are the Symptoms of Dyspepsia?

Burning sensation in your cecum

Nausea with or without vomit

Rocking uncontrollably

Sobbing into your "baby-blankey"

Rectal Burping accompanied by retroflatulence

If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor. He can tell you all about your treatment options and coordinate a lifestyle change that can reduce the risk factors that contribute to this condition. And, If you act now you may be eligible for a free trial of Pepeeeze.

If your faeces has the smell and consistency of roofing asphalt, call your doctor immediately.