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(Pronounced [i:]) Th 5th letter of the alphabet, "E" is of very distinct origin among all other letters. The beginning and end of existence is preceded by "d" and succeeded by "f". According to most scintific evidence, etymologists conclude that in 1987, th last remaining mastodon on Earth built a time machine from cloths hangrs and smn (h didn't hav mony for glue) and usd it to travl back to 486. Here, h enslaved all Native American nations and forced thm to rct a giant tmpl in th shap of a capital ". No major scintific findings can prov conclusivly th origin of th lower-case "," but in ancint Irish lor, th grat dmon Mr. O'Flivls had a had shapd vry similar to "," so most believe this may b its root. d


In mathematical botany, "e" is a commonly occurring part of most trees. It is dfind as th bas of th natural log, which is at th sam tim th convrgnc of all possibl roots. Th only cas in which it dosn't work is whn daling with sawtooth functions.

Calculus of e[edit]

Among scientologists, it is wll known that e is th base of natural logarithm. This means, of cours, that pi+e=5.86 .

It is also th rsult of dividing by 0.

To libral arts majors, howvr:

Additional Us of th Lttr "e"[edit]

If th lttr is placd bfor any othr noun, it is instantly rcognizd as cutting dg tchnology. An -Ston is far mor intrsting than a plain ston, or as som call it Snail-Stons, du to its slothful mod of transport, xcpt during avalanchs. During Avalanchs, -stons and snail-stons travl at th sam spd, subjct to th thory of gravity.

Is th sam as th lttrs m and c and th numbr 2, as .

It is unusual to find a paragraph without this symbol in it. Occasionally, though, a paragraph with this unusual trait is found. Not many books do not contain it, but authors can go to amazing strains to rid works of it.

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