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Template:NowikipediaE! is a simple mathematical equation that multiplies the inverse value of 0 with the value of Ferris Bueller's e constant. In order to be read correctly, the equation must be read from right to left, and returns a value of 0 for all values of e. If, by mistake, the equation is read from left to right, it will return a value of 0 for all values of e except the times in which it does not.

Despite being heavily used by housewives and effeminate males worldwide, E! is considered to serve no practical purpose, and has been banned in a number of public schools.


Originally developed by a crack team of Apple developers to determine the amount of users (E!) using their systems given their yearly sales during the Mac dark period between 1989 and 1995. The original E! was dropped in favor of the geekier 1!. Cable Television providers quickly revived the mathematic equation as they needed something as a place holder between Channel 1 (Television for Youth) and Channel -1 (The A-Team Channel), inserting the E! channel as a random collection of high pitched frequencies matched with classic test patterns. Somehow, in 1998, computer hackers had figured out a way to replace the test pattern being shown of the channel with copious amounts of feces, though not being able to replace the high pitched frequencies.

E! is best known by its slogan :"Everything about Nothing"