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ECW (the Extreme Championship Waffle-making) orgaization was created in the early 1990s by Dennis Rodman after his success of Denny's Restaurant. Dennis Rodman always had a dream as a young child living in the jugles of Kansas City and that was to one day see angry,muscular,gay,steroid takin,feminists compete amongst each other in waffle-making contests. His dream finally came true when one day a man by the name of Rhyno entered Denny's Reastaurant and ordered everybody in there to take their pants off and make him some waffles. Something inside Rodman's head clicked so he proceeded to take off his schoolgirl skirt and told Rhyno about his idea, Rhyno agreed and the duo would travel around the USA to look for more angry,violent,steroid taking feminists. Along their journey they found Tommy Dreamer,RVD,Tazz,Sabu along with other great feminists.


The very first show[edit]

The first ECW show was a memorable one Tazz and Sabu faced off with Martha Stewart being the special guest referee, Sabu won after he put rat poison (a.k.a Paul Heyman's pubic hair) in Tazz's receipt. Martha Stewart being the official referee had to taste the waffles, her head would end up exploding after tasting Tazz's waffles giving Sabu the win, as if that wasnt enough Tazz would proceed to throw Martha through the window into a pile of grass and dirt (a.k.a James Woods' bedroom).

The first ECW event...notice Tazz's girlsih golden locks before he auctioned them on ebay to Jerry Lawler

ECW Shut down for a brief period before being reopened by the Big Show who was so hungary he forced Vince McMahon to reopen it. Big Show won the Heavyweight Title in a How Much Can You Eat match against Bam Bam Bigalow. Then Bobby Lashley won it from the Big Show in an Extreme Waffle-Making Chamber at December to Make Waffles.

December to Make Waffles was tinged with tragedy however, as Paul Heyman was fired from ECW after he disagreed with Vince McMahon over the differing methods to make Waffles. Vince had also changed a couple of the chefs for the show. Although Heyman announced that Lashley and Big Show would be able to charge up the grills once more, he fought back tears in the knowledge he'd have to return to flipping burgers. Later that week, Big Show announced he was also leaving ECW to eat salad for a while. He later came back to ECW about 300lbs lighter and he said to the audience "please Pray for me I have a pain in my stomach" ECW died in 2001.


Tommy Day Dreamer


RVD:Ricky Vicky Davidson


Bugs bunny


New Jerk

Huge Slow

Booby Ashley

The Ugly Boyz (Bubba and D-von Ugly)

Asshole Rotten


Amatuer Holly

F on the Test

Matt Stripper

Rob Spliff Dam

Cocktus Jack off

Cme Punk

50 Cent

Justin Credably a piece of shit

Steven Richards

Michael Richards

Kris Pen Wah

Andy Milonakis

Marcus Whorevon