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About Enterprise JavaDongs©[edit]

The latest and greatest fullstack mvc enterprise grade framework for java developed fully in house by the Nercilircen LLC with a long term goal of reaching into the java community process as an emerging standard


EJD products[edit]


Currently in the midst of strategic integrations with other highly scalable and highly high enterprise enterprise technologies like 'RAILS'. EJD's own solution EJDor - Enterprise JavaDongs on Rails will be available in late to early July. EJDoR is part of the Dong Extensions project.


Enterprise EJD Operating system for the DongBerry mobile communication devices. Currently in development...

DongCluster ©[edit]

EJD based GRID computing software. Utilizes our cool new dongThread technology.

OpenDongs v.0[edit]

Freely distributed and open sourced distribution of the EJD/OS.

Apache DongCat[edit]

Apache DongCat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Enterprise JavaDongs Servlet and dongServer Pages technologies. The Javadong Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications are developed by EJD Technologies under the Java Community Process. Apache Dongcat powers numerous large-scale, mission-critical web applications across a diverse range of industries and organizations.

EJD Downloads[edit]

EJD_base_v133t.tar.gz.tar - EJD Base packages . Includes EJD j2ee a2m sdk (with Jballs)
EJDor_v.1.3_tar.gz.rpm.zip - Enterprise JavaDongs On Rails [web integration packages]
EJDmod_apache_g.z.tar.gz - Enterprise JavaDong Dynamic Shared Object Modules for Apache
a2m_base_.rpm.63bit.lol.gz - ass2mouth library base packages.
EJD-OS_rar.64bit_liger.tar - OS built on EJD technology for the DongBerry© mobile communication device.

EJD FAQ & HOWTO's[edit]


1. What exactly is EJD ?
2. Is EJD currently available for download ?
3. Who exactly owns EJD and all of it's products ?
4. How does EJD compare to Java ?
5. Is SUN microsystems currently Supporting the EJD applications ?

EJDmod_apache Install Instructions[edit]

Instructions for installing the EJD apache modules...

  1. Download the latest EJDmod.tar.gz
  2. Follow install process below...
$ tar xvf EJDmod.tar.gz
x EJDmod-v1.0, 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks 
x EJDmod-v1.0/src, 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks
tar: EJDmod-v1.0/src/mod_ejd.so - cannot create
tar: EJDmod-v1.0/src/mod_a2m.so - cannot create
tar: can't set time on EJDmod-v1.0: Not owner

ignore any 'cannot create' messages. There will be a bug fix soon.
This leaves us with mod_ejd.so and mod_a2m.so. Let's copy these to libexec
for apache and edit our httpd.conf to allow us use of the Dynamic module sets..

$ mv mod* /usr/apache/libexec/
$ echo "LoadModule ejd /usr/apache/libexec/mod_ejd.so" >> /your/httpd.conf
$ echo "LoadModule a2m /usr/apache/libexec/mod_a2m.so" >> /your/httpd.conf

Feedback from our users[edit]

<lats-> Enterprise Java Dongs on Rails
<lats-> you dont want to miss this boat, let me tell you
<Lilicate> I wonder why its not integrated into my toaster as yet though
<bezee> LOL dongs

<angelfish> for java, at runtime all you've got are memory addresses and stuff
<lats-> well thats at runtime
<lats-> at dongtime, everything is available
<lats-> at dongtime, pussy rolls on like shellac
<lats-> at dongtime, we all float

<sk> i love it!