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ESAD is an acroynm for Every Sock Air Dries. It is a good rule of laundry first suggested by France and later became a part of Scientology and then George W. Bush made it a rule to be used by the US Military.

The concept is that driers tend to eat socks, and that is how they create lint. Another popular theory is that driers tend to create wormholes of a certain angstrom frequency that attracts socks to get sucked into other dimensions. The most popular theory is that the sock gnomes simply steal them from driers so they can sell them and use the money for Kitten Huffing.

The solution is to hang the socks on a chair or something and let them air dry. While this takes a lot longer, hardly any socks have gone missing using this method. Ninjas like to use this method with their Tabi Socks that have a split toe in them. Nobody knows why, but hey, the Ninja is mysterious anyway.

Today most sock drying is done by Cylons who work below minimum wage, so they can afford to buy their PSP game consoles. It all seems to be some sort of plan to take over humanity, but we cannot seem to figure out exactly how drying socks fits into the "kill all humans and take over the planet" sort of plans that Cylons tend to have. But they work cheaper than illegal immigrants, and all they ask in return is that we allow them to air dry socks for us. Even Adam West seems to approve of this, and who can blame him?

On the Internet, ESAD is actually used as a slang term for anything that is normally done by everyone, but the user (or who it is directed to) is not doing it that particular way. For example. Let's say you are running down dust2 right after the round starts, and instead of say, throwing a flashbang, or atleast camping around the double-door area, you decide to rush in with a machinegun and Fucking Kill anyone you see. Your team mates might then describe the action as "ESADing". ESADing usually ends in complete failure.


  • Leeroy Jenkins is a fan of ESADing and is said to have coined the term.