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“So the platypus isn't the only mammal that lays eggs.”

~ Ferb Fletcher on Eagle boys laying eggs

“You think you can become an eagle boy?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Turning into an eagle boy

Eagle boys can speak many languages, not many of them being from Earth.

Queen Elizabeth I, Candace, Phineas, and Ferb's old mother, gets mad at Eagle boys Phineas and Ferb for building a jailhouse and messing up the backyard. So, they get thrown in there until Queen Elizabeth I dies. This was taken in July of 1601.

Eating habits[edit]

It is unknown what eagle boys eat other than Keronians, all that is known is that they sneak up on their prey and attack when the time is right.

Penis boys and abilities[edit]

So far, eagle boys have only these known powers:

  • Keen eyesight (and Heat and Lazer Visions!)
  • Supersonic Screech
  • Ability to fly (They have WINGS.)

Can I become a penis boy?[edit]

Only if you are/have been a Keronian. But if you don't wanna be hurt, you can always pretend! It is possible to become a partial eagle humanoid with the same stat bonuses, though. Just do the following (not necessarily in order, though):

  1. Learn at least the basics of Irken, Morolian, Rufufian, other extraterrestrial languages, Japanese, and English.
  2. Go to your local costume store and buy eagle wings. Wear this costume regularly and preferrably in public.
  3. Develop a taste for Keronians.
  4. Practice screeching like an eagle until it shatters a 250 mile radius of glass.

Ladies can't become eagle boys, but they can still dress up like eagle girls and gain the same stat bonuses.

Other Breeds of Penis Boy[edit]

Cured Rufufian Penis boy[edit]

If you use any nuclear weaponry on an eagle boy and it becomes part Rufufian, it was a Rufufian in the first place. However, these are more powerful and can be dangerous to species anywhere, especially if they're friends with God and had him kill a human for every time someone says "retard". Oops.

Mega-Eagle boy[edit]

These are robots who have been turned into eagle boys. Most of them have eagle heads as well as eagle wings. Examples include: Storm Eagle, Blazing Falcon, and Slash Hawk (though they're not so much Falcons or Hawks as Eagles.)


Natural Enemies[edit]

  • Chuck Norris - Anyone's weaknesses
  • Keronians - Not so much a weakness as in they can kill eagle boys as a weakness as in eagle boys can't resist eating them.
  • Broken Wings - They can't escape with broken wings.
  • Ninjas - They stab eagle boy wings.
  • WWE wrestlers - They scare them with their speedos.

Friendly Species[edit]

The Anatomy of an Eagle boy[edit]

On the outside, eagle boys look just like you and me, except with wings. On the INSIDE, however, they have two ovaries behind their spine, a tiny gland in their lips that activates them when kissed, and a psuedouterus in front of their stomach in case something goes horrible wrong. (See below the below section.)

Insert image here.

How do eagle boys reproduce?[edit]

There are eagle girls who just come out at night. For each minute the eagle girl kisses the eagle boy whilst he is asleep, he lays an egg.

See top quote.

Eagle boys and the inability to lay eggs[edit]

Very rarely (about a 1 in 500,000 chance), the egg would not end up on the nest and instead end up in front of his stomach, yet still in his belly.


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