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This direction is East.

“East? I thought you said west.”

~ Someone on East

“Fuck zis!”

~ Canadian on this

East, also known as "yeast", is one of the previous 5 directions one can travel. (there are now 7 known directions. Including Lost and Far far Away.


Nature of eastern population[edit]

People who come from the East are often known as either communists or terrorists. Though due to the spherical nature of Earth, everybody is East of somewhere. Thus everybody is a Communist terrorist.


There are several sections of East: Near East, Middle East and Far East. Some incoherent forms include Easter, (F)east, (B)east and last, but not Least.

It is also known the the West is the mortal enemy of the East, and each desires the death of the other. They are locked in an eternal battle that neither will ever win, as they are always at exact opposite sides of the planet from each other.

The most Eastern point on most standard maps is known as the East pole. If you are going East, and happen to cross the East pole, you will start heading West. This system was put in place by God to stop people abusing the time zones for time travel related purposes.

The Seven Directions of Travel:
East   Home   West                
                    Milky Way
                    Far Far Away