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Untalented artiste, born in Lompoc, California, 1985. failed human being, lowest common denominator, disliked by all, creator of the rotting bananas pictures (bananas squished between panels of glass and allow to putrefy, to show "the cycle of my life, man!") Ed is a true dogshagger.

Biographical data

  • Posts on TCJ and annoys people
  • Displays his sexual naiveté on an online message board thread about orgasms.
  • Invents the newspaper comic strip in the form that it is now known (The Magenta Lad, 1874).
  • First exhibition of beanbag sculptures in 1976.
  • Ghosts John Byrne on She-Hulk #12 to #98, 1984 to 1985.Comic geeks calls this period "The Great Butt-Shots Era".
  • Beefs up scripts for Barely Legal, Hardly 18 and Butt Smokers (various times during the fifties).He then comes up with the concept of the parody of the parody.
  • Stunt cock for Ron Jeremy on "The Enema Bandit 2",(1973).
  • 1843, Joins the Gutters, a secret society dedicated to spread the word of Ghod.He endears himself so much to his other gutterites, that they beg him to stay, after Ed threatens to leave after an obscure sock sharing incident.
  • Publishes the first of hundreds of poetry books:"Nervous Penis",(1988).
  • 2002-2004, writes movie reviews for The Umby Gazebo Newsletter, his thrashing of Citizen Kane has become a classic. But he couldn't praise enough any one of Traci Lords' many epics.Though it was revealed later that he helped beef-up several of her movie's scripts.

He is the proud brother of Adolf, Guy, Ted, Ned, Bedhead, and Jed Gauthier,but unrelated to Red and Fred. His granny tucks him to bed every night.

Ed Gauthier's website: [1]