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Edward Theodore Maxtible Trevor Wollstonecraft Nathaniel Dylan Valiant (1900 - 1987), better known simply as Eddie Valiant, was an American detective and friend of Roger Rabbit and Oscar Wilde.


Born in a hospital (duh), Eddie was the illegitimate son of Clyde "Clyde" Clooney, the leader of the Ant Hill Mob. Eddie was treated badly by his mother, and whenever Eddie would try to speak, she would simply answer:

"Shut up, you stupid bastard!"

Eddie went to school, like most kids, and it was there that he learnt of his parentage. His efforts to contact his father went in vain, and Eddie remained feeling guilty about all his father's crimes with the Ant Hill Mob. As such, Eddie felt it his duty to clean up the mess his father had made, and by that he wasn't referring to the broken toilet that still hadn't been fixed.

Joining the Police[edit]

Eddie Valiant signed on with the Los Angeles Police Department, and was quickly put on toon cases with fellow detective, Clint Maddison. Eventually, Valiant drove Maddison out of business and began operating the toon branch all on his own, serving characters like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Going Private[edit]

Unable to cope with the constant restrictions of the police, Eddie became a private eye and began solving cases the easy way, knocking your suspects into a bloody pulp and pouring hot wax over their heads.

During this time, Eddie struck up a friendship with Roger Rabbit and Roger's creator, Oscar Wilde. It was through Wilde that fellow writer Gary K. Wolf began writing up Eddie's cases as fiction, under the titles of:

  • Who Censored Roger Rabbit?
  • Who P-P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit?
  • The Many Cases of Eddie Valiant

The Solar Pons Incident[edit]

A short time later, Valiant re-united with Maddison to deal with a new detective, Solar Pons, who was ruining the private eye industry. Both Valiant and Maddison won $100,000 each from the case, and Valiant blew it all on Jack Daniels.

Death and Legacy[edit]

Eddie died peacefully of old age in 1987, but his long history with toons, especially Roger Rabbit, led his character to be resurrected by Bob Hoskins for the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and has since become one of the more respected detectives of California.