Edliw Rasco

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Edliw J. Rasco is a man who been killed by alot of people He's been brought back to life by the Russian Reversal plenty of times.

Edliw Rasco after being killed by Jimbo Wales, Your Mom, You, Hitler, Bob the Builder and Larry King.

He has also been the slave of Satan at one point, and helped him conquer the world. Later, he has been yelling at people, usually resulting into Edliw dying.

Relationship with Barney[edit]

Edliw Rasco hates Barney! Barney once made a deal that if Edliw Rasco went into the girls locker room, he would pay him a million dollars. All Edliw got was a ticket to the principal's office. Then, Edliw punched Barney and knocked him out. He later got expelled from West Beverly High School, and got a job at McDonalds.


Edliw had so many odd jobs such as a McDonalds person, a janitor, and a village idiot. He was known to goof up at all his jobs, and he usually gets fired after a second or so. Edliw later killed his McDonalds manager, Oscar Wilde.

List of people that killed Edliw[edit]

List of people Edliw killed[edit]