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“UHHHH, This guy looks weird and people say he was a good king”

~ Jon Snow on Edward The Confessor

“This guy's a real joker, funny right”

~ James Corden on Edward The Confessor

“Jews are pathetic and this guy's one uncool dude, a religious life, really, murder a few people, you stupid”

~ Adolf Hitler on Edward The Confessor
Eddy's real appearance

Edward The Confessor, Saint Edward or the first Ed in Ed, Edd'n Eddy (codenamed T-12) was one of the terminators sent back in time, well he was a precursor to fellow terminator: George Washington, he was a missed opportunity

Man Of Mystery[edit]

Edward's speculated appearance, detailing a more traditional king

he landed in the place of AEthelred The Unready and Emma Of Normandy, he succeeded Cnut's son and was among the last anglo-saxon english king, his appearance has been somewhat unknown until now, he also had an adopted half-brother named Harthacnut and basically was a weird person, he lived a religious life and was a hardcore christian at best, BE NICE, this guy's SHITTY AS HELL BYE, you think it's over, no.


Edward soon died in 1066 which eventually caused The Battle Of Hastings and the deaths of Harold II/Harold Godwinson and Harald Hadrada, two major contenders for Eddy's former throne he was soon succeeded by Edgar AEtheling (who the hell is he) and later William The Conqueror.


he is now worshiped as a saint.

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