Edwin Aloyicious Eathelred Thou-Shallt-Not-Take-the-Lord's-Name-in-Vain Bertram Trenchard, 7th Viscount Trenchard

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Edwin "Christ On a Bike" Trenchard
The real Christ On a Bike

Chronologically the 7th Viscount Trenchard, though legally the 5th and eschatologically the 13th, Edwin Trenchard was the born the son of A. Preacher Mann in 1853, and consequently was the only man who could ever teach me. He was originally named simply Thou-Shalt-Not-Take-the-Lord's-Name-in-Vain Bertram, a name which he ultimately preserved as part of his eventual moniker. He subsequently annexed Jupiter and invented the Time Machine, using it to insinuate himself into the powerful family dynasty of Trenchard. He also wrote the Abandoned Orphan Story on a Potato.

Commonly known to his friends as "Christ On a Bike" Trenchard, Edwin was notable mainly for his incredibly complete collection of potatoes. It is rumoured that he was close to completing his collection of every potato ever to have existed from the Big Bang until the End of Time when an unfortunate accident with a frying pan robbed him of his prized Russett Burbank, "Mary-Lou." (In an unrelated event, one of Edwin's household staff won the coveted Best Chips in Wessex Award the same year.)

Edwin went into a protracted period of mourning lasting over 2 millennia, and was never seen again in society, or in the potato-fancying world.