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“Egads! I have not heard of this word!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Oaths


The word Egads is a mild oath to be used in the kitchen or place of work. Although its victorian past has made the modern day use of it move away from the domestic food preparation circles, it is now used by internet geeks the world over. It may be pronounced 3G4|)5 in l33t speak, if the oather's typing ability is somewhat limited.


The oath was invented by the french invaders of Angleterre (aka England ) in 1066 to combat the surrounding culture of being nice. They were not well disposed towards the language of their newly acquired country and invented the word and a mildly successful media campaign along with it to try and 'loosen up' the tight pip-pip, toodle-doo and tally-ho English language. The word was adopted into common use by housewives all over the small isle, but the popularity never took off with the male population for a lot longer.

The word spread into use across the world due to a few too many games of Chinese Whispers. By the time the word had reached China and Japan it had transformed into a new alternative for the word "Potato". This struck the Asian peoples by surprise has the Potato had not actually been invented yet in this year of 1067. It is worth noting that the Potato is still a culinary-related word and so Egads had not been completely changed in its transliteration.

Egads was brought onto the internet upon its invention date in the first ever chatroom conversation. It was used because someone Disconnected due to the flawed architecture of the network, which has since not been put right. Oh well, wait for version 2.

The future of Egads will probably see it spawn a spin-off series of words including a verb and an antiverb. A reverb is possible but with the current trends of mild oath words in language, it may never happen due to lack of support. The crazy french have yet to launch another media campaign for Egads but have promised it soon.