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Because of their incurable biases, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will probably never have an article about Eighteenblipettysix. We are sorry they insist on being this lame.

Many important things happened in the year of our lord Eighteenblippettysix. Here are some of the less interesting ones.

  • The British monarchy goes through a profound existential crisis, reasoning that if existence proceeds essence in all thinking beings, then they are essentially about as useful as a stick of chewing gum made out of fucking mahogany. The problem is solved by only allowing royal personages to mate with tadpoles for the next two hundred years.
  • Karl Marx invents poor people, the filthy blackguard.
  • Stick poking is at an all-time high.
  • There was a big war with bombs and planes and explosions and skulls and things and one of the skulls got exploded by a man who went DAKA-DAKA-DAKA-NEEEOWWW!!! and the skull went up in the air and hit another man on the head and he died with lots of blood. It was brilliant.
  • Serious men with beards sit around a table and discuss something or other.
  • Homo Sapiens finally lose their vestigal third knacker.
  • Charles Babbage slaughters an entire Bedouin tribe single-handed, and fashions a prototype computer from their still-glistening remains, thus cursing all who touch such a device from now until Judgment Day.
  • Your mum copulates with every citizen of the Ottoman Empire.