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Eincyclopedia (Hebrew: איןציקלופדיה, Yiddish:קיינציקלאפעדיע) is the Hebrew Uncyclopedia. Eincyclopedia is also the official encyclopedia of the German S'less cyclops named Ed.


After the Holocaust of the German assless cyclopses named Ed was finished in December 11, 1005, only ten exsiting Gacnes were left:

The Gacnes came up with the idea of Eincyclopedia after the rises of the Neotrinitism and the Noenlightism. They wanted the world to understand the deep meaning of being a Gance; And Eincyclopedia was the perfect way to explain it.


The Yiddish version of Uncyclopedia, Keinziklopedie, is a lot like Eincyclopedia. The main difference is the silent K at the beginning, to indicate the blessed fact that a certain user will be rather silent on that version of Uncyclopedia, due to his very rusty Yiddish these days, and hopefully also in the future.