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The Einsteinian Model[edit]

Right!!!This is model!!!

A model of numbers and letters, forming a handy mannequin that can be used to solve problems.

The first recorded use of the Einsteinian model[edit]

This is the last Einsteinian model in existence. And it doesn't exist. For shame, all of you.

The Einsteinian model first reared it's numbered rear during the 1920s, a time when great change was at hand. The first recorded use of an Einsteinian model was by Richard Einstein, the famous tribidist (One who practises tribidism). He was in the process of calculating weights and strength for his equipment, and he decided to build a mannequin out of spare parts. Unfortunately, due to a slew of orders from the gay, lesbian and Harry Potter communities, all he had left was lettering. The reason he had so much lettering/numbers is because, as we all know, gays and lesbians are illiterate, and Harry Potter speaks only in Portkeys, a language closely related to sexual noises.

Confusions about Einstein[edit]

It has come to the author's attention that some of the readers are confused about Albert Einstein, the mythical creature said to live in the Amazon. this is not the same thing - Albert Einstein is a bloodthirsty lunatic of a bear, while Richard Einstein and Bugs Bunny are lumberjacks.

The Einsteinian model in action[edit]

Richard, of course, didn't realise the true ramifications of his actions. A young entrepreneur, however, did. His name was Bugs Bunny, and at the time he was in the process of building the very first Boeing 747, for a company named Microhard. After he left the project, it took a long time to finish, owing to the fact that planes weren't invented when Bugs Bunny was working on his 747 (1532). He dropped the project as soon as he heard of the Einsteinian model, from an obscure tribidism magazine (It has been theorised that his interest in this magazine was not entirely intellectual, but then again, everyone else just wanted to see some sweet ass too).

Bugs Bunny realised what a powerful tool the Einsteinian model could be. His dropping of the Boeing project showed his realisation well (As well as proving that poking someone in the sides does make you jump, and drop important, and expensive planes). Bugs Bunny realised all of this at once, processed it, dropped his project, stole the Einsteinian model secretly, and created the world standard in cryptography.

Bugs Bunny then nosedived his company, due to a cash incentive at Microsoft. This was known as the Scrotum, owing to it taking place in the Italian town of Scrotu, in Bugs Bunny's Italian fortress-house.


Then, the Einsteinian model was exposed to radiation, became alive, killed Bugs Bunny, and moved to New Zealand, leaving his shady past of scrotums behind.

From this, we can draw two conclusions; the Einsteinian model is one helluva shop mannequin, owing to it's power of movement, and the fact that it looks like the Matrix, with all it's lettery-numberinis. The Matrix, however, is a different story, and one that won't be used to pad out this bloated piece of crap.