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The mysterious region of space known as the El Wado Cosmos.

Once upon a time, there was a man. This man was called "El Wado".

Born in the outer regions of space in the year 0 (NW - New Wado), this young man was destined for great things and thus the entire region of space was renamed to "The El Wado Cosmos". During his first few moments, three giant spaghetti monsters decided to visit him and bestow upon him three gifts.

The first gift was the gift of "El" no one knows what this means except the first spaghetti monster, but since then "Wado" was renamed to "El Wado". The second gift was that of pubic hair, indeed El Wado had a full bush of pubes by the age of 10 minutes. The third and final gift was that of flight, yes that is correct. El Wado can fly.

During these beginning years El Wado decided to take it upon himself to discover the galaxy, by first leaving the "El Wado cosmos" in 11 NW and travelling across space to the land known as Earth.

Upon arriving at Earth it was decided that El Wado would be proclaimed ruler of the planet if he could find the square root. Unfortunatly the planet had not learnt numbers and so could not tell him which square root to find. Thus El Wado had to wait, and wait and wait.

And is still waiting.

BW - Before Wado[edit]


The time before El Wado was a very harsh time on the Universe. The giant Spaghetti monsters had no one to give their gifts to, and there was a very large region of space that had not yet been named (called The El Wado Cosmos). It is very important to remember that BW (before Wado) the Universe had a great gap in it, so many people were unsure about their lives and the meaning of their lives.

El Wado gave meaning to this, and thus gave meaning to the Universe and meaning to everyone inside the Universe.

It is important to remember that El Wado is not a human as many people may believe, he is much bigger than that. Much much bigger.