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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Macaroni?

Elbow is a type of pasta. Until 1914, humans did not have arm joints, making it almost impossible to hug or eat. Only those who could convince other (foolish) humans to feed them could survive. The others would just walk around, sadly. Being too proud to eat plants off the ground, they would starve within minutes of birth.

However, in 1914, Adolf Hitler and his band of crazy Scientologists spliced the DNA of an elbow noodle with that of Hitler's girlfriend, Madonna. The child that came from the union was born with joints in the elbows; they named the boy Charles Dickens.

The new super race quickly overcame the outmoded Human 1.0, destroying them all, and today all humans are descended from Charles Dickens.

In 1910 Charles Dickens's son, Chaz Dicks wrote a pamphlet on the joints of the body, in light of his magnificent father. Here is some of it:

"Kissing one's elbow can be an alternative to expensive surgery and provides great pleasure in those who practice it. I'm kissing my elbow right now.

The knee was invented in similar terms. Have you ever tried to climb up stairs without knees or elbows! It's hard! I recommend you try it, it gave me seconds of fun."

This sold like hot cakes at midnight, and soon people flocked to see Chez Dicks run up and down stairs without elbows or knees. They fed him and even kissed his elbow.